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Kristopher Markl

Spanish Exploration Syllabus

Instructor: Sr. Markl             Planning: 7:45 – 8:50

Course Description:

Welcome to Spanish with Sr. Markl! This course is designed as an introduction to the Spanish language.

Course Standards:

Course Units:

This school year, you will study a number of concepts via the following topics.  At the conclusion of the final unit, a culminating project will be assessed.

Unit 1 – Alfabeto

Unit 2 – Common phrases

Unit 3 – Weather and Calendar

Unit 4 – Common foods/Restaurant

Unit 5-- Me gusta/common verbs

Unit 6 -- Clothing/colors

Unit 7 -- Emotions


In Spanish Exploration, you will have the chance to participate in many activities.  Some of those activities will be opportunities for you to demonstrate what you have learned,  and will be graded.  These activities include in-class assignments, homework, quizzes, and a culminating project.  

Re-Takes/Extra Credit:

Learning the skills and knowledge of a linguist is essential if you wish to pass Spanish Exploration. If you are struggling with the material and are making low grades, doing extra work is the last thing you need. That is why there will be no extra-credit opportunities. You may have the opportunity to resubmit classwork or homework for additional partial credit to demonstrate your learning.

Grading Requirements:

Total points of the various assessments will determine the grade for this class.


Student work will be completed on their computer and/or on paper. This will include videos, vocabulary, notes, openers, and projects.  Review of any instructional materials are available upon request, please call 378-2450 or email

Spanish Exploration Assignment/Assessment Calendar

2017-18 Quarter One

(All dates are subject to change based on school events)

*In addition, there will be various cultural assignments throughout the term which will account for twenty points each.


Projected Date

Alfabeto Quiz


Greeting Conversation


Weather/Calendar Quiz


Comida Project


Me Gusta Quiz


Clothing/Colors Quiz


Emotions Quiz


Spanish Speaking Culture Quiz


Last Day to complete Re-takes


John Sevier Middle School

Sr. Kris Markl     Español I      Room 242

Work Phone:  423-378-2450


Welcome to Español I!    The objective in this course is for students to use the Spanish language in practical communication by listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The students will understand vocabulary and grammar appropriate to their level of study.  They will also learn about different Spanish speaking countries and their customs.  

Our list of Tennessee State Standards can be found at

I would like to inform you of our departmental policies regarding grading, tests, make-ups, and communication.


  • There are 4 nine-week grading periods in the year.  Each nine-week grading period counts for 20% of the final grade with the mid-term counting 10% & final exam counting 10%.
  • You will be graded on the following:  tests, projects, quizzes, daily work and homework
  • Grades will be averaged (on a total points system) to determine mastery of the Standards for Foreign Language Learning
  • Late work will be accepted according to teacher announced deadlines with a penalty
  • Group work will be graded when appropriate with individual participation accounted for within the specific rubric
  • Make-up assignments are the responsibility of the student.  The students should arrange to make up any missed work if absent from class for any reason.  
  • Tests and quizzes may be retaken one time.  The test or quiz will be similar in skills, but may not be the same as the original.  The better grade stands.
  • Progress reports will be sent home mid-way through the nine week grading period.
  • The final examination will be a comprehensive assessment of the student’s language skills.  The student will perform during as many as three class periods at the end of the year as well as on a mid-term evaluation.
  • If a student cheats, they will be referred to the principal as per Sevier School policy.  


  • Students will receive a participation grade for the following:
      • Speaking/Answering in Spanish
      • Having his/her homework
      • Talking at appropriate times
      • Staying on task


  • Tutoring will be available during Junior Tribe Time primarily. (From 2:05-2:45, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Classroom Rules:

  • Be respectful to other students and teacher
  • Be on time for class
  • Have all needed materials
  • Food and drink is not permitted with the exception of water
  • Obey school rules
  • Do your own work
  • Remain seated until dismissal

Materials :  We will use a classroom set of textbooks, along with individual workbooks kept in the classroom, and the school-issued laptops.  You can access the textbook online by going to each student’s personal Power School page.  It is not accessible through parent pages however.

Additional materials:

  • Notebook paper/Folder or 3-ring binder
  • Sharpened pencil or pen
  • Laptop, charged fully from night before

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me by email We also have voice mail if you prefer @ 378-2450. I can respond faster to email but I will try my best to check the voicemail once a day.

Our class will utilize both the Google Apps for Education and Canvas, which are both provided by KCS.  The Canvas site will feature our assignment and assessment calendar and can be accessed under the Students tab on the KCS main web site. (