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Physical Education Syllabus


Physical Education Philosophy

Physical Education is a vital part of the total educational program.   Students participate in physical activities that allow them to become aware of social benefits as well as exercise.  A variety of activities will be incorporated from individual sports to team sports.  The total  development of a student is the goal of  the educational program.  Our purpose is to develop understanding and skills to be used in all physical activities.


Class Expectations

  1. Be on your assigned number on time.
  2. Participate in class activities and give 100% effort.
  3. Respect teachers, classmates, and equipment.  Show good character and act appropriately at all times. 
  4. Everyone has a different skill level.  Bullying will NOT be tolerated.
  5. Must wear tennis shoes.  Slides, flip flops, or boots are not permitted.
  6. If a student cannot participate due to injury or illness, a note from parent/guardian or nurse is required.



Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, 4 Square, 9 Square, Flag Football ,Floor Hockey,  and Game Stations.

Students will also perform the 20 meter Pacer Test twice  during the nine week period.