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CS Discoveries 7




Mr. Fissel -- Room #107 -- [email protected] -- 423-378-2450


This 9-week course is filled with in-class activities and projects that will boost student’s critical thinking habits and grow their creativity. Also, students will build on their coding experience as they create programmatic images, animations, interactive art, and games. Starting off with simple, primitive shapes and building up to more sophisticated sprite-based games, students become familiar with the programming concepts and the design process computer scientists use daily. They then learn how these simpler constructs can be combined to create more complex programs. In the final project, students develop a personalized, interactive program. Along the way, they practice design, testing, and iteration, as they come to see that failure and debugging are an expected and valuable part of the programming process.


In this class you will...

  • Learn the programming concepts
  • Learn how to use blockly in
  • Learn programming languages such as Javascript

Class Assignments: CS Discoveries activities CS Discoveries end of unit projects

Student expectations in the classroom:

  • Courtesy
  • Character
  • Punctuality
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • To follow directions
  • To practice proper safety precautions
  • To complete your projects on time
  • To have fun


Materials needed daily:

  • A pencil
  • Your laptop
  • Personal login for

Breakdown of Grading:

Grades will be taken on a regular basis and can include, but are not limited to, classroom activities ( puzzles), projects, and quizzes. I grade using a Total Point System.

For total point’s grades, I add the total points received for the entire grading period and divide by the total points possible for that period. For example, if there were 1000 points possible for all assignments this grading period and you earned 936, we could find out your overall grade by dividing 936 by 1000. This would give you a grade of 93.6%.

Grading Scale:





F.....Below 70