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General Music

Course Purpose

  1. To develop in each student understanding and appreciation of music.

2.To create in each student an awareness of music in America today, how the musical styles developed, and how music affects our society today.

3.To enable each student to be an intelligent, informed consumer of music by developing specific listening skills.

Course Grading

Classwork (50%)

1.Students always have a pencil, Chromebook and headphones at every class to complete daily work.

2.Students are responsible for making up any work they may have missed if it is not an excused absence.  All assignments are in Canvas.

3.Handouts are legible and always have the student’s name.

Participation (25%)

  1.  Students are actively engaged in all musical activities and complete in-class assignments.
  1. .Students are contributing to class discussions and group work.

3..Students demonstrate appropriate classroom behavior at all times

In-Class Quizzes, Tests and Projects (25%)

  1. Work individually
  2. Work without disrupting others
  3. Work done in class